Oliver was the general contractor for our custom home on Ripley St. in San Francisco. We had worked with Oliver before on a kitchen remodel in our previous home. Oliver pays great attention to detail, quality, and final finish. We are very pleased with the outcome. Oliver does what he says he is going to do and is there until the job is finished.
When we did the Kitchen remodel in the last house, I was impressed with his understanding of the fact that we were living in the house and his ability to keep the house clean and sectioned off from the mess. They put up plastic and kept cleaning. Despite living through a kitchen remodel, I did not feel that my home was dirty.

James Maxwell
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Broker

After another contractor had been dragging his feet on my bathroom remodel for months and had left me with shoddy finish work, Oliver came in and rescued me on very short notice. He completed the remodel in two weeks, including addressing all of the mistakes of the prior contractor, and now I have a beautiful and functioning bathroom! Oliver completed all of the work in a timely and professional fashion, and at a reasonable price.
I would happily recommend him to anyone. You won”t have to worry about the job going on longer than it should, costing more than it should, or not turning out as it should. After all I went through with the other contractor, this was truly a blessing!
Thanks Oliver!

Certified Appraiser

Oliver was able to see that my dark and crumbly house could turn into a modern light filled home. He was able to see my vision and when inevitable problems arose, was able to suggest solutions that kept with my aesthetic, as well as in my budget. It was a smooth and easy process working with Oliver. & he was fully capable, as this was a full gut remodel with a garage conversion. He worked on the project from demolition to finishes. Thanks to Oliver my house is fantastic!

Rebekah Cholak